Rebecca & Jeff, WAVL

I meet a lot of my clients from Instagram, and a lot of my clients from referrals from friends and past clients.  This time, it was a bit of both!  Rebecca & I were following each other on Instagram, and one day my friend Sarah (who bought the house in Maggie Valley featured in a previous post!) gave Rebecca my business card.  She took it with her but had forgotten about it when one day I posted the business card image on my Instagram.  She put two & two together and realized that she was already following me AND we had a mutual friend!  She messaged and we set up a time to meet for coffee and discuss all the typical first time home buyer questions.  

Once we started our house hunt, we saw a lot of houses all over town but focused in on the West Asheville area.  One day, a home hit the market that looked like a great option-- I sent it to Rebecca & we made an appointment that very day (the market is HOT, and you've got to move fast!)  Rebecca and Jeff we considering making an offer, so we went to dinner to discuss various options for terms of an offer.  They decided to sleep on it, and I hit the road to a previously planned beach trip.

In this gig, you've still got to be ready to submit an offer anytime because otherwise it'll be gone.  The next morning they decided they wanted to make an offer-- I was ready to even when on vacay.  I submitted the offer along the beach, and followed it by celebrating with a Bloody Mary.

The home Rebecca & Jeff made an offer on is an amazing 1931 brick home with all the charm and details that you would expect.  There is a killer staircase, original wide trim, french doors leading from the living room to the dining room, and complete with a window seat overlooking the private back yard.  It's rad.

As with any home, during the inspection period, you have the right to investigate the home, look into financing, and can leave for any or no reason.  Sometimes it's for a serious reason (e.g.: termite damage, structural damage)-- but it can also be for a change of heart.  In this case, the reality of buying an older home was starting to weigh on them.  Perhaps buying a smaller, newer home may be a better option?  We decided to see a few other homes (even while under contract on this one).  It's completely legal to do so, and it's worth pursuing so that you can be confident in what you are buying.  We saw a brand new build in Oakley-- and even put an offer on it.  However, once all was said & done, they decided the first house was the house to be in after all.  

During our initial viewing of the house, we saw a run down dog house in the backyard.  We were discussing it needing work when I said "If you end up buying this house, I'll fix it up to look like the Snoopy dog house as your closing gift" .....  wouldn't you know they ended up buying it after all.  I think it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Holly Aracich