Sarah, Maggie Valley

With low inventory & rising costs in Asheville, many people are starting to look outside of Asheville & for Sarah's first home, that's exactly what she decided to do!  We ended up finding an adorable home located in Maggie Valley (Haywood County).   When we first walked into the home, I felt like she had found just the right one.  It was adorable, a perfect shade of blue, surrounded by cute cabins, and close to restaurants & breweries in downtown Waynesville.  Priced just over 100K.  Yep, you read that right.


The picture above was taken just after we viewed the house for the first time.  So what does this picture represent? It represents everything that takes place from the first thought of owning your own place to the sometimes roller coaster ride that gets you to where you hope to be. It's fun, scary, with all the twists & turns you'd expect. Sarah is an amazing girl with the hopes of finding the meant to be place to call home. When we took this photo we didn't know where this road would take us.. but we were ready to submit an offer.  Pictured here is the hope to create the life you want, partly by purchasing the space in which to do so.

As with every home purchase, it's never an easy road.  We actually couldn't reach an agreement during negotiations and we terminated the contract.  We looked at a few other homes but still felt like this was the one.  Two weeks later, the seller reached back out and had reconsidered our terms!  We signed the new contract & Sarah got the house!  On closing day we celebrated with a few drinks, and then headed right out to the property.  We tore up the carpet which revealed immaculate and beautiful hardwood flooring throughout the house!  In the months that followed, Sarah completely transformed the house.  Mainly-- with paint, elbow grease, and a ton of love.  The before & after photos are amazing!  Check them out for yourself!

Holly Aracich