Stephanie & Fred

I first met Stephanie & Fred to chat about purchasing a home over some coffee at High Five (the best in town!) -- we went over the crash course in first time home buying, and then hit the ground for some house hunting!  

I'm going to fast forward the entire journey because the fun happened toward the end, when we found "THE" home.  Located in Alexander, on close to an acre, on a wooded beautiful lot.  We did our inspections and ended up negotiating quite a bit-- a new oil tank, repairing a septic system, and more.  The due diligence period allows you the time to investigate the property-- and to negotiate.  We also came to an agreement to have the sellers pay $6K for Stephanie & Fred's closing costs *insert dance moves here* -- This is definitely a huge perk if you can negotiate it, in order to keep cash in hand.

Ok ok, the good part.  Little did Stephanie know, but Fred had a big plan in store that I was "IN" on.  The plan for closing day was for us to celebrate with drinks and breakfast at Early Girl Cafe, and then I would follow them to the house to snap some photos.  When we left for breakfast I said I'd meet them at the house, but the plan was way more exciting than that.  I headed home at that point, because when they got to the house, they were met by family & friends and Fred proposed!!  

What's better than closing on your first home, and getting engaged the same day when arriving home!?  The coolest, and definitely my first home buying proposal.

(As a side note, I don't think I've ever laughed so much during the home buying process, we enjoyed each others humor and the process included many text messages of animated gifs to describe our emotions during the journey :) )


Holly Aracich