Tracey & David, AVL

Tracey & David were visiting Asheville when during a yoga class they met my friend and previous client, Rebecca.  Tracey had mentioned they were visiting from D.C. & considering a move to Asheville.  She gave them my card, and soon after we met up for coffee at City Bakery. 

When we first spoke about what they wanted in a home it was clear: view views & more views!  They also wanted to be as close to downtown Asheville as possible to take advantage of the amazing food and social scene that Asheville has to offer.  This criteria really narrowed it down, and made me think of Beaucatcher Heights.  This development is located above the Kenilworth neighborhood and has killer views.  We saw a few homes in the area, but when we walked into a modern new construction home at the top of Beaucatcher Mountain-- it was the one.

Tracey & David had not fully committed to moving to Asheville but after returning home they decided they were ready to retire & make the move.  We submitted an offer shortly after.  This offer was a contingent sale-- (contingent on listing and selling their home in D.C.).  The home was in such a good location it sold right away and solidified their offer.

On closing day, we had to handle a lot of last minute problems-- final connection to permanent power, a city issue with the water, trying to navigate a giant semi truck on a skinny mountain road delivering their furniture... I'm telling you, no deal ever is an easy one!  I stuck around and helped unload the truck to make at least one thing go a little smoother!  

During the construction process I took photos of the house often to update David & Tracey on the homes progress.  The home is absolutely gorgeous & I was definitely living vicariously through their purchase.  Check out the photos below & dream dream dream!

Holly Aracich