Wanna Buy A House?


As your buyer's agent I work for you & only you. I'll never be a dual agent (where I represent both the seller & the buyer). I'll have only your interests in mind when it comes to getting you the best deal possible. Think of me as your personal detective-- it's my job to investigate the home & to make sure there aren't any surprises once you move in (read more below, under inspections). Best of all, it costs you nothing to hire me. In North Carolina, the commission is paid fully by the seller. Both the seller's agent & buyer's agent are paid at closing from the seller's proceeds, based on a percentage of the sales price.

Getting Started

So you're ready to get started? I love to start the conversation by meeting at my office or even better, for coffee!  We can get to know each other & find out what you are looking for.  First time buyer?  Seasoned buyer?  All good.  During our initial meeting we'll review a Working With Real Estate Agents document & I will learn what you are looking for in your home.  We'll talk about the buying process, finding a lender, what part of town you want to be in, what due diligence is, what earnest money is, what type of inspections you will need to have.  All of it.  We'll go over the timeline and how soon you can expect to be in your home when you find the perfect one.  Then, if you want to start working together we can start the house hunting fun!  Remember, it's free to work with a Buyer's Agent.


So you've found the home of your dreams, you've made an offer, and it's been accepted.  When we make it to this step (after celebrating the first small victory!) it's onto inspections.  Every property is different, but we'll talk about what inspections are right for your property.  As your agent I will help you to navigate your options & can give suggestions on what vendors to use.  Below are just a few potential services many buyers elect.

  • Home Inspection

  • Pest Inspection

  • Radon Inspection

  • Septic Inspection

  • Well Inspection

  • Survey

  • Appraisal


Unless you are lucky enough to pay cash... it's time to find a lender!  Ideally, you want to have a pre-qualification letter in hand prior to beginning your home search.  First off, you'll truly know what price point you should be looking for & in this hot market, it pays to be ready to write an offer the second you see the home you want.  Who to use & what kind of loan should you get?  Again, I can help you to navigate the many options and find what is best for your situation.  (First time buyer?  There are many special options that can help you get into a home with little to no down payment). 


So you find the house of your dreams & write an offer.  How quickly do you move in?  Every deal is different and dependent on many factors.  However, a good rule of thumb is approximately 45 days from the time an offer is accepted. Again, it's something we can discuss based on your situation/needs!  

Closing Day

The big day has arrived!  It's always a time of celebration, high fives, and even sometimes some butterflies.  I'll be right there at closing to make sure everything goes smoothly.  In the morning we'll start by going by the property & doing a "walk thru" to make sure everything looks good, all personal items from the seller have been moved out accordingly, pick up the house keys to hand over at closing, and to get one final look at what is shortly going to be yours!